Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It has been a rough two weeks. It seems like only yesterday that Dennis was doing this and that around the farm. I "look" for him periodically when I "forget" all that has happened. I think of him in the evenings when I watch TV and Jamie (his corgi) is lying on the couch OR looking out the back door for him. Jamie is still looking and waiting for her "daddy". I miss him tremendously.

The ATV has the plow on it & is ready for our first big snowstorm. So that is one good thing. I have cell phone numbers now for most all the neighbors who want to do whatever they can to "help". At the bank yesterday the person who helped us with our house loan 5 years ago finally was able to speak with me. It wasn't easy as he is very emotional & has deeply felt the loss of Dennis. He drives by within a half a mile of us morning & night and will do most anything for me also. Friends, I'm so glad God provided us with friends.

I have another friend coming today. Carolyn is from CA and a very close friend. She is who taught me to spin & got me started on knitting. Carolyn is special & is coming for 10 days. It will be so nice to have her here. It is wonderful to have friends from all over and I appreciate each one of you.

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