Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, no matter what the calendar says, Winter has arrived. We knew the storm was coming & I was pretty well prepared. Sure enough over 4 inches of snow arrived overnight. My friend from CA, Carolyn, was thrilled. She loves snow & had not seen this much for a long, long time.

I had to have help getting the ATV going since I hadn't started it for a while. But I now know exactly what to do & have the equipment needed for next time. First we shoveled out to the females & their crias. Then shoveled out to the others. Finally I got the ATV going and worked with the snow plow on it for the driveway area. I think today it strongly hit me harder about Dennis' death. He so loved the snow. He loved running the ATV with the snow plow on it. He always had Jamie (his corgi) behind him on the snow plow when he did the area. I took Jamie with me today and I would suspect she still misses her "Daddy" a lot. Dennis always did the neighbor's front driveway & if possible her back driveway. Another friend did her back driveway this morning (she had cataract surgery this morning) but I finally made it over to do her front area and her porch.

Carolyn took pictures & enjoyed seeing the snow. Our high today was 29.6 degrees F and we are anticipating a low of at least -2 degrees.

Tomorrow the vet is coming out to do the bloodwork for the ARI registration on the cria and also BVD testing. Should be an interesting day since I have two "half catch pens". Dennis wasn't through reworking the new one & had partly torn apart the old one. So tomorrow morning we redo what we can & see if it will work.

Seems like there isn't a minute during the day that I don't miss Dennis.

But God is good.

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