Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paw prints in the snow

Well it was interesting when I went out on Saturday to feed the animals & start shoveling snow. There were paw prints in various places. I saw them around the barn, in the front area, near the hay stack...........but I couldn't tell what kind of prints they were. The debate was between a fox, a skunk, a cat or a dog. They were not big enough for a dog & there are no loose small dogs in the area. I haven't seen a cat around here for about a month. The skunk & fox I have seen in the last I'm thinking a fox.

Wish I knew. I saw the fox this morning. so pretty. I know that there will be baby foxes sometime soon this Spring & hope they do ok.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My special son

Well, I wanted to give a quick update on my new son. I do not like to post a lot of specifics sometimes because you just never know who is reading, etc. But I will say his name is Chinsinsi. We have been "catching up" on so many things. Plus because he was only 6 or so when I first started being his sponsor there were things that I didn't tell him about me, or perhaps I told him & he forgot. It has been a long time. Plus there were so many years that we were not in touch.

It has been a wonderful time of getting to know him & his family again. I'm continually praising God for his goodness and am so thankful for being able to be in touch with him again.

Spring Snow

Well here it is almost Spring...................The snow was entirely melted off of the back yard & most of the field this morning. About 11 am the snow started, the wind blew & the snow hasn't quit. Luckily the wind has!! In some spots I have about 30 inches of snow & in other spots only about 1 inch. We'll see what we end up with by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is my fiber meeting in the afternoon, so we'll see how many people are able to make it out.

The cap was blown off the top of the pipe coming up from my wood stove pipe this afternoon............ so I need to get that fixed tomorrow or Monday. Such fun. An well, another day another adventure.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing Happenings

Way back in about 1985 my first husband John, & I decided to sponsor a little boy through our churches missionary effort. He was a pastor's son in Africa through the Nazarene Missionary sponsorship program. When Dennis died in 1987 I chose to continue to sponsor this young man. He was 7 years old then. I continued through his high school experience. I cannot remember for sure the last time I heard from him, but I think the sponsorship continued until around 18 & then I received a letter later. We wrote letters back & forth all through his schooling. All communication was through the World Mission office & that was the only way to reach him.

This morning I received a major surprise. I had a facebook message asking me to accept this young man as a friend!! What a shock. He found me. I've also found where he tried to reach me via Skype. It was a "thrilling morning" to be able to respond to him via facebook & say "YES" I am your friend & I am who you are looking for. It was wonderful to hear back from him.

I have found another "son" of mine. He is married & has a son himself. He is a pastor & is also working at one of the theological colleges in Africa. I am so thrilled by all of this. Technology has truly changed the world in a very short time. God is good.

Spring & Snakes

Well, all week I have been trying to catch up. Still not there-----------but I can smell Spring in the air. This week is the Sand Hill Crane Festival. I do enjoy it so much. The cranes have been flying overhead for a couple of weeks now.

On the negative side I have once again found snakes in the house...........or perhaps the same snake twice, I don't know. Luckily (praise God) they are water snakes BUT I still do NOT like finding snakes in the house. They were both about 2 feet long. The first one I threw in the mud out the back door. About 2 hours later I found the second one...........they were both up on the landing one in the bathroom & one in the hallway outside the bathroom. The second one hit the snowbank next to the mud. Perhaps he or she got the correct idea that I do NOT like snakes in the house. We'll see. I still have a hole in the wall where the water pipes froze behind the drier. I have a man coming next week to hopefully fix it. I'm wondering if that is where they came in. I hope so because if I get it fixed then they will not appear again!! We'll see.