Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cards

For Christmas cards this year Dennis & I bought some pocket calendars, 50 of them. They say D W Fiber Farm & have our names on them, etc. I've been passing some of them out to people who have been here. I've also forgotten to give some out.

Last night I decided I had best get started on Christmas cards, etc. There are approximately 100 people on my list due to relatives, and having lived in Northern CO, Santa Fe, Roswell & southern CA previously. I decided a short, 3/4 page typed note would do along with cards.

Every card I have to stop and think to not add Dennis' name. I have to remember did I send this person a bulletin from the service due to them either sending money or flowers or whatever. Then who do I give the calendars to.............?? I'm waiting to see how many I have left or if I run short.

More snow anticipated is cold and has been all week.

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