Saturday, August 22, 2009


I decided yesterday that Willie & I would take the afternoon off today. I have a friend in Alamosa who has started a knitting shop. She has been in at least two different stores (had a portion of them), but things were a challenge in the other stores. So she found her own area above a major store in Alamosa. Today was her grand opening of her very own store. I just decided I "had" to go & check things out. So we had lunch with a neighbor. Ran to see Mom (who was sleeping, so we saved that for later). Then headed to Alamosa. There were quite a few people checking out Kimberly's new stop. She has a lot of neat yarn & lots of knitting/spinning/crocheting/weaving books. Everything is always so tempting.

Anyway of course I "had" to buy some items. She also had two drawings & for every $5 spent your name was put in the drawing. I will not confess to what all I bought & how many times I was in the drawing. I WON the 4 pm drawing. I was absolutely thrilled. The above item was the "big" item for the win. Luckily Kimberly didn't buy the peacock color ----------- I got this knitting bag in "Hollywood Pink"!!! Plus there was a book, yarn, some brittany birch needles & some notions inside. I can really take my knitting stuff with me in style now.

I had also been having a sad day anyway. These days do not happen often, but do occur when Dennis is sorely missed more than normal. This helped brighten up my day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Update

Time is flying by so fast with so much going on.

My mother is still in the nursing home. I do not feel she will probably be able to return to her home and am not sure she will recover enough to make it to assisted living. She's having a lot of problems with her legs moving correctly & having enough strength. Of course it doesn't help not being able to walk that much in the nursing home. She doesn't have the strength to get up on her own & walk with the walker on her own without almost falling. So she doesn't get that much time being up practicing. Plus she is having a lot of confusion. So I do a lot of visiting & running to town to check on her.

"They" talk about global warming..............................we had our first frost August 9th. Not good. I lost some squash and some of my beans. We had another frost this week. All of this seems to be a little early for this area. It has been so cold at night that my second cutting of hay isn't doing well at all ---------- not good.

I thought I was expecting another alpaca cria. But in looking at Cookie I've decided that she isn't pregnant. I've also found out about her pregnancy last year. She had Travis. Well, I thought I bred her to Azugar & put Azugar in as Travis' Dad. Azugar was rejected by the DNA testing. I had them do other testing, etc. & it must be Hershey (still awaiting on the certificate). But the most interesting thing is I found my notes & I did breed Cookie to Azugar, twice. I then checked her against Hershey to see if she was pregnant or not (the girls typically spit & spit at the males if they are). He must have tried to mount her but didn't succeed as I put her down as spitting him off. Somehow he is the Dad!!! Anyway for this year, she must not have liked him either as that's who I bred her to last year & she sure doesn't look pregnant.

Life is so interesting.

Dennis' Flowers

These are Asian Tiger Lilles. Dennis planted them a year or two ago, I cannot remember when exactly. But this is the first year they have blossomed at all. They are beautiful. I've had a number of neighbors mention how pretty they look. Summer is about over with and they are now starting to stop producing any blossoms.