Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Investment

Well, we had over 4 inches of snow last night & early this morning. I know you are all wondering what is the best investment advise ever.............................well here it is: an ATV with a snow plow on it.

I think the first actual larger item Dennis HAD to have when we moved to the farm was an ATV. I really felt that was not a necessity. I felt this was a "boys toy"..........and he wanted his "boys toy". So I said go ahead & get the ATV and the snow plow you want to go with it.

You must understand that we had been out here at Christmas to see my parents numerous times over the 14+ (at that time) years we had been married & never was there much snow at all. In fact the year we bought this house there was all of 1/2" of snow that's all.

Over the past 3 years for sure I have decided that the ATV with the plow was the absolute best investment ever. Dennis would get out and plow the entire area around the driveway etc. Then he would plow up to our neighbors & plow her front yard driveway area & sometimes her back (she is over 80 & lives alone). Depending on the amount of snow it could take up to 3 hours to get everything done. He LOVED doing it so much.

About 3 months ago I was looking through a Sierra Trading Post catalog & came across a pair of women's quilted bib overalls for working outside in the cold. Plus on line they were offering an extra 20% off any purchase. Well, I bought myself this wonderful pair of winter overalls.........they are a teal green outside & a purple/pink color inside. Girl stuff!!! They fit perfect also.

I plowed last week. This week I made some modifications. I blocked Hershey (male alpaca) from his normal walking area & opened 3 gates to get into the girl's field. With the cria it is hard for them to break through the snow. We now have around 7 - 8 inches on the ground. I then plowed through the field so they could get around easier. I'm also hoping this will help them NOT make their poop piles in the loafing shed. Then I came back out & did all the area Dennis usually does. I didn't make it to the neighbor's, but another neighbor did, which he sometimes does anyway.

I put Jamie on the back of the ATV. She used to love to ride behind Dennis while he was plowing things out. She would peek around & look to see where they were headed. She had fun. I stayed warm in my new outfit, which was good as I do not like being cold.

I miss him..................................many thoughts today as I did what he normally loves doing.

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