Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

We had a lot of wind last night & snow. Perhaps not that much snow (only an inch on the snow board) ---------but the wind took all the snow it could find & blew it into all the plowing I did yesterday. I did the driveway/yard and the alpaca field yesterday afternoon. I had to redo about 1/2 of the yard/driveway this morning. The snow plow came by about 9 am & pushed the snow from the middle of the road to the side INCLUDING in front of the I had to plow out in front of the mailbox to help the mailman. I am no longer able to plow around the garage area to the east as there are too many big drifts. I do not think I can get into the alpaca field again either...............too many drifts. They seem to be getting around ok & perhaps we will need to do some more hand shoveling...........time will tell. Wolf Creek Pass got over 24 inches overnight. Of course the ski area is open but the pass is closed so who knows who can make it up to ski as it appeared that both ends were closed. La Veta pass is closed also. Tomorrow is supposed to be better & I certainly hope it is.

At least my home area is clear tomorrow for the fiber ladies when they show.

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