Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to each of you out there in cyber land. We went to our Christmas Eve church service last night. It was good except for missing Dennis. He would have been singing with the praise team. We then went to a friend's house for an hour or so & had some food and a good time visiting. They did not want us to be alone on Christmas eve.

Today, originally my Aunt & Mother were going to come for Christmas...........but it is snowing & doesn't look like it will quit. My Aunt doesn't want to drive in bad weather (20 miles) and I really don't want to either. So they will spend a quiet day alone and Willie & I will still have our widowed neighbor across the street over for a Christmas meal. On Sunday my brother & wife will be here from Houston, so we will have our family Christmas on Sunday with most of my siblings here & Mom.

I hope your day is a wonderful day as you celebrate the birth of God's son, Jesus.

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