Sunday, October 10, 2010


As I said in my previous post fall has been busy.

I've had the workers that made the loafing shed tear down another old one & put up another new one. I'm very happy with their work. So I ask them to do a lot of handyman jobs that have needed done, some for years. They are going to start on that next.

I'm having the barn rewired. There are pictures in a book about Monte Vista, of the barn supposedly taken in 1887, so it is old. The old wiring frightens me as I know the barn could burn very quickly. So another project.

The two big ones I need to work on are Dennis' items from his parents farm in Spokane. I need a list for Dennis' children and working on Mom & Dad's paperwork items. Those are both priorities. Helping Mom & then her death messed up me finishing up Dennis stuff. So I need to restart this.

The hay is put up & I 'm almost ready for winter!!


September came & September went..................busy busy.

Rusty is adjusting well. He still sleeps in his crate at night & sleeps quietly. He KNOWS that this is what is expected of him. So far he has done well in the house. He & Jamie are crated during part of the day depending on what I'm doing, etc. He is getting along very well with both girls, which is great. He knows the "plan" of the day & what we do that he is involved with.

When I go out to feed the alpacas & rabbits all the corgis usually come along. He joins in well with eating some alpaca food and eating rabbit poop. He feels the rabbit item is a special treat. So far he doesn't seem interested in the cat, where as Jamie is chasing Princess every time she sets eyes on her.

Malen is slowing down, I can see it more and more. She is still my sweetheart and I love her dearly.