Friday, November 28, 2008


Winter is here. I'm glad we are overall prepared. Thanksgiving day we had about an inch of snow with another 1/2 inch overnight. It is beautiful out. Dennis loved the snow and always looked forward to winter. The corgis are overjoyed & love playing in the snow.

The cria (baby alpaca) are checking it out but seem to think it is ok also. I have one thing left to do which is get the snow plow hooked up to the ATV. It is something I have not even considered working on doing in the past. (never learn stuff unless you have to otherwise it becomes your job!!) Today a friend is coming over to help out & see if he can figure it out. Once it is on I know how to run the plow etc. as I did that last year when Dennis was in Ecuador. I ordered some bib coveralls from Sierra Trading here about 2 months ago. They had a great sale plus I got an extra 20% off. They are teal on the outside & hot pink on the inside. I'll be quite a sight with my blue & gold merino/angora winter hat ------- everyone will see me from a distance for sure. But I'm prepared to be warm.

The wood stove is going strong and we are warm inside the's still only 29 degrees outside. Personally I prefer summer!!!

God is good.

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