Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost Spring

The snow is almost totally gone, just some on the north side of the buildings. We really need more snow before Spring truly arrives. This week has been quite warm for this time of the year. We've been in the 50's most every day. But the wind has blown a lot. Monday was beautiful with no wind. Last night it blew all night.

In the meantime the neighbor's cows are having calves. I should say that one arrived Sunday & I saw him out in the field after we got home from church. He was jumping & running. I found out later that the neighbors were gone & didn't know the cow had delivered. The calf was 2 weeks early. They had another one born on Tuesday, but something went wrong & he didn't make it. In a week and a half I should be able to see a lot more being born. People laugh & snicker when they come visit because we have binoculars in the north & west windows..................specifically to see calves being born!!

I found a dead mouse in the feed shed on Tuesday also. We always keep a few traps in there & I haven't caught a mouse since before Dennis died. The next experience of course was resetting the trap. Now I've done it before but disliked doing that -------- it was Dennis' job. So I managed to get one reset. Since there was one dead mouse I thought I should set the other two, but had problems with both of them. One I think is broken & the other, who knows, it's a little different. Anyway no more mice yet!!

The wind gusts are now up to 44 mph. Sure wish I'd watched the news last night to see what the weather said............It would be nice to know the wind is ending soon.

God is good. I hope everyone has a good day today.

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