Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter or Spring

Well, yesterday we had sunshine, snow & rain. This morning we woke up to about .3 inches of snow. The wind blew so much the last two days it was awful. My neighbor's loafing type shed had the entire roof blow off. When we went over to help pick up the pieces we were able to take some of the tin roofing, but there was one piece that was pretty well still together with major 2 x 4's nailed to the tin roofing. It was too heavy to even try and pick up. It was beautiful this morning, but the wind is up again this afternoon. I was suppose to go to an AB4C meeting (alpaca breeders) but chose not to go due to the weather over Wolf Creek Pass. I would have had to go alone & they were predicting 12 more inches on the pass today (although seldom is the weather bureau correct down here).

Saw the attorney yesterday. I need to get a lot of paperwork together for him. But I don't think it will be too hard. It was a relief to finally get started on some of this. Hopefully everything with th estate will be done fairly soon (although he wants to go through probate due to the trust being a CA trust here in CO).

Today I saw a coyote in the field behind the house. It's been a while since I've seen one up fairly close. He turned & ran to the East quickly. Then about 5 minutes later I saw him back & he just slowly trotted across the field going west ----- into the neighbor's field with the cows.

I dislike tonight with turning the clock forward..............I dislike getting up in the dark. I did it for many years working in the hospital in Santa Fe..........but I sure don't like the first couple of weeks with the time change.

God is good.

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