Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Life together

I feel so much better when things start coming together & become organized. I realize that you would not think that organization existed, looking at the "clutter" around my house, but it really is true.

Things are starting to come together somewhat. I've got my list ready for the attorney so we can start working on the estate. He has been gone, so I don't see him until about a week. But I've made progress. I just hope it is in the right direction. I've made progress in other aspects of the estate with insurance & retirement issues, which is a relief to get things accomplished.

BUT there are the other items. I need to separate the cria from their mama's. Now I will say this is a major undertaking. I have to remove them from the large field & move them to another area by the barn. Three years ago when I discovered our first mama had not weaned her cria, Dennis & I made a separation in the field & feeding shed such that all the females were together but three were on each side of the fence (separating cria from mama of course). Things went very well until day 5. On day 5 the cria had her head down & looked depressed. She would not eat & would not drink anything. I then discovered she was having diarrhea. I had to call the vet with my diagnosis (she was truly ticked off by the situation & upset) & ask for a couple of meds. Then I went ahead & put them back together. Whenever I'd see the cria nursing, I'd run out of the house, jump over the fence & yell & separate them. It was such fun. Last year we decided to go with the other method ---- out of sight, out of mind. It worked well. But I need to do them 2 at a time & that will take a minimum of 4 people to keep them moving and get them where they need to be.

THEN there are the rabbits. Now I told Dennis that I did not want any more rabbits. IF HE chose to get rabbits, then HE had to take care of them. So here I am with 5 rabbits that desperately need their cages cleaned & to be sheared. I say sheared because I don't dare pluck them. It is still getting down to 6 degrees at night. They are in the barn, which sounds wonderful. BUT the barn was built in 1887 (or at least existed in a photo back then) there are cracks --- if that is what you call a 1/4 to 1/2 inch open area between many of the boards. Now the rabbits have done fine all winter even with it being that cold & no heat, but I really think it needs to warm up a little more before shearing them. I hate cleaning rabbit cages AND I need to cut more boards for them to stand on also. I did find appropriate boards & I do know how to use one saw that Dennis has. So those are two of my now larger items that are creating mental problems for me.

Oh, I cannot forget the taxes. I've not touched them yet. I used to get everything together for the tax person out in CA. BUT once we moved here, I only did a small portion. I let Dennis do all the farm I guess I get to learn something new this year!!

On another positive side (unlike the last 3 paragraphs), well, positive & negative ----- it has been warmer during the day the last 3 days. So warm most all the snow is gone. I love the warmth & anticipation of Spring---------BUT we need more snow. It is still February (I know tomorrow is March).........we need moisture for the crops this year.

God is good & things are pulling together. Onward we go.

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