Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cria weaning

Today became the day to separate the cria from their mom's. I ask our neighbors to help because I wanted to take them two at a time. I've learned from times past that it is better to have the cria out of sight of their moms. So we had to take them all the way across one field, through the front yard, across the driveway yard area & into the barn corral. Such fun. Willie & I ended up with two that decided to lay down & refused to move. But we got all 6 of them over to the new area. I need to start working for sure with the females & haltering, etc. Perhaps returning them to the rest of the females in a month will be a lot easier!! So far all the moms seem to be doing well & not that upset. Hopefully the cria will do well also.

I've finished my mom's taxes & they are ready to mail off. I now need to start mine. Dennis' estate is becoming more understandable & I know where I am headed on that. So it's uphill now. Of course there is still the rabbits that need to be sheared!! AND the weather is beautiful right now.

God is good.

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