Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring in the air

Yup, Spring is getting closer. We have garter snakes around the area most all Spring, Summer & early Fall. They like to get on the cement or lay next to the foundation on the house & soak up a lot of sun. Yesterday for the first time this year there was a snake next to the house. Jamie & Malen sniff them out, kind of. It is funny to watch. If the snake lies very still neither corgi will notice it. BUT one movement & the fun starts. This time I think Malen discovered the snake. I was surprised as I thought it was still a little cold out in the mornings, but yesterday must have heated up enough.

It has been 4 months now since Dennis died. Jamie still waits and watches by the door for him in the evenings. Jamie used to stay under the computer here in the kitchen when I work on the computer. No more, most of the time she is in the small computer room off the kitchen where Dennis had his computer. Funny thing though, he was never on his computer that much. But she waits there. Perhaps she can still smell his scent. It seems I miss him more and more as time goes on. There is so much to do & I can see him being so excited about Spring. I'm overwhelmed by the taxes as he did all the farm stuff. Lots to learn this year.

The cria are doing ok away from Mom. They are not real happy & I hear a fair amount of humming when I am in the area. BUT they know who I am & that I bring food. They come running now. I'm going to try and work with a couple of them on halter training. We'll see how it goes.

God is good.


Syd said...

God bless you Wanda, I know at times it feels worse missing Dennis, but that just means you know what love is. You and the fur-faces are always in my prayers.

Taking Julie (I named the Peacock) to her first Fiber Festival today! She is a real gem!

Wanda said...

Thanks Syd. Dennis was always busy & always had to have something to do. He had more energy than I did that's for sure.

Julie will love to be shown around at the Fiber Festival -- everyone will make a comment I'm sure!! Enjoy!!