Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catch up

Seems like time flies, perhaps I'm just growing older!!

The Work & Witness team made it back & had a very good trip from what I understand so far. I have been busy trying to do paperwork for the attorney. I have to pull information from our file cabinet, which is interesting. I finally gave Dennis one drawer when we moved here for him to do filing with. Well, that drawer is interesting. I think I have almost found most everything I need. But I am missing some items from 2006, so that could be a challenge.

But the weather has been so nice for a while now. No snow, we are in the mud season now. But we maybe might have snow this weekend. Hard to say for sure (you cannot trust weather reports for here at all). Still cold at night, 0 degrees C. but it seems to get up to around 30 or so in the daytime, which is what accounts for the mud.

I'm almost ready to pick the first lemon off the tree. They were green on one side, so I'm waiting for the entire lemon to turn yellow. I'm doing so much cleaning as I go along, which is needed. In the meantime I'm keeping my eyes open for things that I cannot seem to find besides the 2006 stuff. Dennis had been in a men's Bible study that was studying the book, Heaven. I know it was here. I know for sure it was here..............I cannot find that book. I had planned on reading it sometime in the near future. So as I clean I "look" and am trying to organize a little better.

God is good............and maybe we'll have a true summer this year!!

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