Monday, February 23, 2009

Learning Something New

Last year during the Fiber/Folk Art Festival here in Monte there were a number of people selling beads. Now I'm truly not into beads nor making items out of beads. BUT then I saw some very pretty knitting stitch markers for sale -- made from beads. I could not figure out how to justify buying them though. The lady across from our alpacas also had a sale going on with a bowl full of beads.

I finally picked out her prettiest 20 beads that I just fell in love with. I have been waiting until just the right time to make my stitch markers. (Actually waiting until the person who indicated they would help actually appeared). Finally last week, the light dawned that Cheryl, a friend who does a lot of beading could help me. Today I went into the local bead shop where Cheryl works a day or two a week & showed her what I wanted (I actually planned on her doing ALL the work ------ I don't NEED another hobby!).

Well, my stitch markers are all done, took about 1 1/2 hours which included picking out smaller beads to add to what I had & some spacers etc. etc. Of course Cheryl forced me to learn how to do it also (it was fun, that's for sure & I did enjoy myself).


Anonymous said...

Very classy!! I'd be tempted to leave them in the work!

Judy Shoe

Wanda said...

Well, that means I'll have to post a picture of the scarf that I made that had beads in it (at some point in my spare time). But these beads are much prettier. Thanks.