Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today was a day for wild animals.

The corgi girls HAD to go out at 3 am. I don't know why, but Jamie has it in her head that she needs a trip outside once during the night. Soon there was a lot of barking/howling. The coyotes were out too & having their say. I finally got the girls inside & tried to get another 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

Then while feeding the alpaca boys & rabbits this morning I could smell the skunk. Back when I was a "city girl", I thought the only time you smelled a skunk was when they sprayed. But now that I'm a "country girl" I know different. Skunks always have an odor around them, about 20 or 30 ft. around them. You can smell them as they walk anywhere semi-near where you are. After I fed the boys & headed back toward the front yard I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. There was the skunk waddling/running in the field across the road. He/she was headed toward Freda's shed or haystack. (Good I thought)

Today was a "Mom" day and I had things to do in Center. I picked up Mom to take her to a Dr. appt. in Salida. Before we made it to Saguache we had a herd of antelope cross the road in front of us. Then on the other side of Saguache there was a herd of deer beside the road.

As we returned to Center I saw an Eagle at the top of a tall tree about 5 miles north of town. He was so very pretty. I love being able to see the wild animals in God's nature. It was a good day for wild animals.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Are your dogs like my cat, who HAS to go out EVERY morning at 5:00am?

Wanda said...

Only Jamie. Used to be she would always go out sometime between 3 am & 5 am. Then when Dennis went on trips (when we were in CA).... she would not want to go out. The first night after he would return, out she would want to go. Now it's mixed. Some night she wants to & others she doesn't. Go figure.