Sunday, February 22, 2009

VFA mtg

Yesterday was our Valley Fiber Art Guild meeting. Dennis & I started this 3 years ago in January for people who could not meet with the other fiber group that meets on Wed. evenings. We had a wild day yesterday.

About 5 - 6 years ago we had a group of Amish families buy various farms south of Monte. I'm not real sure how many there are in the area now, but a number. Dennis & I have met a few of those in the community. Every year we buy apples, pears, & peaches from them (they are taken about 4 hours away to get the fruit & then resell it) Billie, who comes to VFA on a very regular basis, is close to a number of the Amish families. Yesterday she brought two ladies & I think about 7 of their children. We had so much fun. One lady used my carder for some lamb wool she had. Emmy Lou showed & taught 3 of them how to use drop spindles. They observed carding, spinning, plying, knitting, & who knows what else!! One young boy learned how to weave on the triangular loom (a small one). Emmy Lou started teaching the youngest girl how to knit, I think she is maybe 4 or 5 at the most. Willie took all the children out on a tour to see the alpaca & the rabbits.

Besides the visitors, we had 7 regular people. I'm so glad for all the extra room in the sun room as we easily expanded & everyone had a great day. Salai & Tawney plied the fiber they had spun & finally had two ply yarn. They were thrilled!!!

This is a day Dennis would have enjoyed very much. He would have been in the middle of the children showing & teaching & having a ball. God is good & He is here.

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