Friday, January 30, 2009

Day by Day

It seems like this week has been a little overwhelming. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork & not that much time. I'm working on getting someone to do the haying this year. Good discussion & we are on the same page but it was suggested I talk to some friends about how to work the deal.

Then there is Mom, who is concerned about her taxes & wants me to hurry up & help her with her stuff. Luckily I have the main checkbook. I filed everything in her file box & I have the key. So hopefully I'll be able to find most everything I need to fill in her blanks & send it off to the accountant.

Then there is Dennis stuff & I'm way behind on that. I need to see the lawyer soon & get stuff started. Then there is my stuff & the farm stuff (all this stuff is paperwork). Dennis has always done the farm stuff...........I didn't want to get involved, let him work on it. Well, now I have no choice.

I was thinking this morning how it all seems like a really bad dream. The shock of finding him is with me all the time. The loss of him is so much and so many of his ideas & plans. But it isn't a bad dream it is real & I need to get myself in gear to get paperwork done.

Through it all I know God is in it & is helping and guiding................
God is good.

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