Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dennis Smith, a special, wonderful husband

I'm actually putting the blog this way for a special reason. There have been a number of people from Aerospace in CA, who worked with Dennis before we moved to Monte Vista, CO. The friends have posted on our Pastor (Bruce) from CA's blog.
It is here: http://glendorafriendschurch.blogspot.com/

You have to go back about 2 pages to read the tribute to Dennis.

There were some tributes given during the service and many given to me verbally in person. After finding that some are posting on Pastor Bruce's blog I thought perhaps I would add a special posting here & now for anyone else who would like to post anything.

Willie & I are doing well. I have my moments that seem to be more frequent starting this month. But I'm sure it is because company has come & gone (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's etc.). Dennis is missed tremendously. When I think of all the changes Dennis made here on our property in the 4 short years we have been her, and all that he was working on and especially all the plans he had..................I miss him. Grieving is a long process and takes time and energy. But I praise God that HE is with me and know that the peace that I feel is from Him.

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