Saturday, January 24, 2009

Work & Witness

We had a sending service for the Work & Witness team tonight. It was a good service, just sad since Dennis was planning on going on this trip. He so enjoyed the last one a year ago in January. But it was good to pray for the team. They are leaving early tomorrow & will be gone close to 2 weeks. I have picked two special women to pray for during this trip--women that I felt God had put on my heart to be in pray for. Please be in prayer for this group of men & women from our church.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

I remember back a few years when Dennis went to Honduras with Friends from California following Hurricane Mitch. He really loved that sort of ministry. I can imagine how bittersweet your sending service was for you.

Wanda said...

Yes, very bittersweet. Especially more so, due his trip to Ecuador last year. His heart truly enjoyed missions and he felt a call to go on trips such as these. The team also had a hard time dealing with it because of all of Dennis' knowledge. He is missed & being missed by the team.