Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow, snow & more snow

Friday night the wind blew & blew & blew & it snowed & snowed & snowed. By yesterday morning we had drifts up to about 25 inches high or in the low windswept area of about 2 inches high. Such fun. I really thought that nothing more could go wrong with my ATV snowplow. I'd had the tire fixed twice, the last time included putting in a tube. But I was wrong. One of the long screws holding the snow plow together came apart..........the bolt & washer decided to come out. The entire plow blade & holder moved to the right when I hit the snow bank. I didn't really realize "what" was wrong, just knew I had a major problem & called a neighbor. Then we had to call another neighbor since the two of us coudn't get things just right. But I managed to find everything needed to fix it and heaped blessings on my neighbors for fixing it for me. I finally got the entire area plowed AND the area next to the hay stack (so when Bob, my hay man comes he can get in). So now in areas I have snow stacked about 3 1/2 ft. deep. I hope we don't get too much more snow as I will have to learn to drive the tractor & use the bucket next. All the alpaca seem happy which is good. I just wish it were warmer....................20 for a high is just a little cool. I'm looking forward to Spring.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Help, Wanda! I'm burning up here in beautiful, sunny Southern California.

Wanda said...

Well, we had a heat wave come through today with the high at 31.6F. Perhaps I could mail you some snow. OR maybe you need a vacation for a day or two............of course it will take a day or two to get here but that will help you adjust to the weather.