Monday, January 19, 2009

Pizza Hut

Tomorrow is our neighbor's birthday. I think she'll be 83 or so. Anyway I try and remember Freda's birthday every year. So I called her & ask if she'd like to go out to eat today or tomorrow. She decided today & we decided on Pizza Hut. So at 5:30 we took off for Pizza Hut. We placed our order, received our drinks & waited & waited & waited & waited. There was no one else sitting in the restaurant except one young girl across the room, whom the waitress kept going over & talking with (she was also texting periodically). A number of people came in & picked up orders that had been called in. I finished my salad, Willie finished his soda, I finished my hot tea & we waited. Finally the girl came over & apologized. She forgot to enter our order (that's why the breadsticks had not arrived either). She said our meals would be on the house (now I like that kind of birthday celebration). She said it would take just 7 minutes, then hurried back to ask us our order again. She also took my hot tea cup & Willie's glass to refill. Then she disappeared to clean the restrooms (easy enough to tell with the cleaning stuff). The young girl across the room finally brought my hot water over & I asked her for Willie's soda. Then we waited about 5 more minutes for our food. Our waitress finished with the bathrooms (hopefully washed her hands) & brought our food over. Then the young girl left. The waitress fill the salad bowls at the salad bar & brought other stuff for the salad bar & then left.

When we were finished eating I was a little concerned. I "presumed" that she had told the cashier, but had no clue. Then the cashier came over & asked about our meal, if it was ok & that it was on the house. He apologized for the waitress & then said that she was the manager!!! He apparently gave her a hard time, as he said "she left". Anyway we had a very nice birthday meal!!!

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