Thursday, April 30, 2009


The trip to Kansas was very good. We had a great visit with relatives and even Malen & Jamie enjoyed themselves. We were able to stop in Trinidad on the way home & spend an hour or so with alpaca friends (he also graduated from Center High, just a few years before I did).

Now we are back to the "usual", which has become Spring workings. I'm working on the flower beds, getting weeds cleaned out & everything done as best I can. I'm truly missing Dennis more each day...........he worked so hard on his garden. I still need to start on that. That will be next. Anyway between Willie & I we have gotten a good start on the flower beds and on the garden. I actually mowed two days ago and finally started watering the yard.

It is so wonderful that Spring has finally arrived.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Hi Wanda. We had a visitor last Sunday. His name was Larry Kinser. Remember him? He told us a great story about Barclay College in Haviland. It's on my blog.

Pastor Bruce Butler said...

I'm just kiddin' ya' about knowing Larry. I know he's kin to you. You got a mention somewhere last Sunday as Larry explained how he knew you.

Wanda said...

I hope his comments were most respectful when referring to me. I am 6 + months older than he is & that provides me with respect from him (can be a challenge though). I saw his daughter & son-in-law at our family reunion last weekend in Kansas!!