Friday, May 8, 2009

Time Flies

Lots going on. Willie & I are taking two classes. One is hoop gardening through the extension office. It starts Sunday evening. The other is Internet selling through Adams State college community outreach. So this next week is going to be busy, as that's when most of the classes are. At least they are short & hopefully sweet. I'm working on the flower beds & hoping to get a better start on them than last year. Plus I'm working on Dennis' garden. A friend found a rototiller for me at an exceptional price & so far it works really well---except when it finds a rock & that rock gets stuck in the rototiller blade. Most interesting the first time around. Plus you must understand we live on the edge of Rock Creek!! Willie made me a turquoise necklace for Mother's Day. He couldn't wait to show it to me. He did a very good job on it. Sunday we'll take my Mom out for lunch & spend most of the day with her.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Happy Mother's Day, Wanda (a bit late, I know). God bless you and Willie.

Wanda said...

Thank you Pastor Bruce. It was a good day overall!!!