Thursday, April 9, 2009


More friends from CA arrived this week. Warren & his son Doug appeared Tuesday evening. They left today just before noon. We had a great visit with them, although it was a little short!! There were promises made that next time they would stay longer!! Warren helped me with the rabbit cages & they are extremely clean now............I actually feel like shearing the rabbits. I worked on one rabbit, but needed more scissors that were sharp rather than the ones I was using. Hopefully if it warms up AND the wind stops blowing I'll be able to finish shearing.

Warren also helped with the wood shed & items I needed done there and did a number of other handyman items. Doug enjoyed being around Willie and they helped with the hay & the alpaca feeding & watering. Doug is running around in his summer shorts & I'm still in my flannel blue jeans!! : )

I took my rings back in to the jeweler yesterday and we discussed options. He's going to work on something that he thinks will look good following my ideas & suggestions. We'll see what happens. It will take about 3 weeks to get it done.

Pictures of how hard the guys worked coming up next.

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