Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday & sunshine

Wow, the weekend was something else. Rain, hail, clouds..............cool weather.

So far everyone is doing well. We are still impatiently waiting on Cookie to deliver. I think she is getting closer (ha ha, of course she is getting closer).

So in the meantime I'll talk about Jim's Olympic girl Funmi. She jumped last night, but of course the TV did not show any of the long jumps. So I followed as best I could on line on the Olympic site. They updated the jump site with the length of jumps about every 5 - 10 seconds. All the girls got 3 jumps and they could qualify either by jumping 6.75 m or being in the top 12. Funmi managed to jump 6.61 m on her 3rd jump. She tied with 3 other girls, so basically tied for 8th AND made it to the finals.


She will run again at 5:20 AM Colorado (Mountain daylight) time Friday morning. SO I would hope that this would appear on the Denver news stations when they start coverage at 10 am. Of course I'm going to be gone Friday morning taking Mom to a Dr. appt..........so I'll check on line. But maybe some of you will finally see her on TV.

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