Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally, last cria of the year

Here is our last cria born this morning about 11:35, another little boy. Dennis & I had taken my Mom to a Drs. appt. in Alamosa. I ask Willie to keep an eye on Cookie (who was due July 20th) as I was suspicious. I called twice & everything was quiet. Suddenly while shopping in Walmart, about 11:15 Willie called on his cell & said, "help". We verbally went through everything that should be coming out (one nose & two long feet) & all was present & accounted for. So Willie stood watch until Cookie delivered. Then he cleaned the little guy off. We arrived about 8 minutes later to check him out. He is a cute guy & looks a lot like Fawndew's boy. Both have white faces back to their ears. Pictures coming next.

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