Saturday, August 16, 2008


It is a cool rainy day today............I can feel winter coming. We are still awaiting the birth of our last cria. I brought wood in for the stove in case it continues to rain & stay cool's like 53 F outside right now. This is when I long for the southern CA fall weather : ).


kimberly said...

Feels like fall here too! Thanks so much for the photos of the beautiful lovely babies!

Christie said...

I miss Cali to. The babies are soooooooo cute. Did you guys have any bunnies yet?

Wanda said...

No bunnies...........must not have taken. She did make a nest this time. Plus she had a real attitude toward Dennis about a week ago. I told him that it was because she hated all men due to the pregnancy. Obviously I must have been wrong???? We are now at I think 34 or 35 probably not pregnant.