Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The daily weights

No, not on me. I only check once a week, even though I'm on a diet right now.

But we need morning weights on our little new one for a couple of days at least. Now I have to explain about Sadie...............she is a true, well you know, someone you would prefer to not be around.

When she had her stillborn 3 years ago, one leg was back & Dennis had to go in & pull it out. The baby had been dead 2-3 days, so that was not the problem. Anyway I had Dennis put the baby back in the field (we did try & resuscitate until we realized how long she had been dead). Anyway back in the field for Mom to realize baby was dead. Then bury the baby.

Ok about 2 hours later Dennis is pulling weeds in the field. Sadie comes up behind him & sniffs him big time twice. Then she spits very big time twice!! Dennis came in green & not happy. But it was understandable. Sadie has always been a little wild & has an attitude.

When we realized she was in trouble yesterday & Dennis tried to catch her to get her down so he could help we once again got spit on, both of us. Then everything was ok, baby out, mom ok. Dennis went out to get the placenta.............she spit big time trying to protect the placenta.

I never did get close enough to see if the cria was nursing good or not last night because I knew I would never get close enough, she would move or spit. Sadie has been a wonderful mother. Baby has nursed & nursed & nursed -------------but we had to check the weight this morning.

So we went out together, Sadie was not happy, the closer we got the LOUDER her humming became. But we caught the little one, Mom did spit, but I never did find anything wet on me!! Baby didn't lose any weight and may never be weighed again except on the big scale!!!!

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