Friday, May 29, 2009

The Garden

Well, I need to run out tomorrow & take pictures of a number of things. The lilacs are blooming beautifully. Dennis really wanted lilacs and planted 5 - 6 starts. His pine trees are not doing as well, but some of them survived the winter. Dennis was a Colorado master gardener, getting his certificate in 2005. So I'm attempting to restart his garden. He has 5 raised beds. So far I've planted things in 3 of them. The other two still need to be weeded or perhaps I should say the grass removed from them. I totally need to rework the walk area around them to try and get rid of all the grass. In the meantime the flower beds are going strong with everything growing including weeds. It never ends.

The alpacas need shearing & hopefully we will get a start on that tomorrow. Way behind on that. I'm going to miss the Pagosa Fiber Festival as I truly need to start the shearing. Hopefully next year will go better.

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