Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We are preparing for Thanksgiving. We are having a neighbor over for breakfast. Then will head to my Mom's to pick her up & go to her sister's home. Overall things are going pretty well.

Jamie, our pembroke welsh corgi is truly missing Dennis. She has been Dennis' girl ever since we got her. She would go everywhere with him. She is still watching the door for his return. Earlier this week, when we went out to where he died she scratched the ground & did some digging so perhaps she could still smell him on that spot, who knows. At least she doesn't appear depressed, just watching & hoping. So sad.................

Willie & I are doing well. Our church family (& previous church family in CA) are doing a good job of caring for us. We are praising God for family & friends and we are thankful knowing that God is with us.

Wishing everyone a good Thanksgiving day & be sure & count your many blessings.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Wanda and Willie. You continue in our prayers.

Shelley said...

Wanda, I so admire your strength. God surely lives in your house. Happy Thanksgiving to you!