Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Llama & Rabbits

On Saturday a friend came over to pick up Wilson, the llama. He wasn't real sure what he thought about everything, but did get in the trailer a whole lot easier than any of the alpacas did. I know he will be very happy where he is going as he will have a lot of new alpaca friends & a llama friend or two.

Yesterday I worked on the rabbits & their cages. They are cleaned up & ready to move out also. I decided that if I want to do rabbits again I know where I can get some. When Dennis wanted rabbits back in 2005 I said, fine, but they are yours..........I've done rabbits & do not want to do them again. Well, then I ended up with them. I've actually switched one out since he died. But they will go to a great home also. Hopefully that will happen on Friday.

That will leave the 3 corgis & my barn cat. I think I am enjoying is in many ways a relief to have less to worry about.

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