Monday, July 25, 2011


Last Wednesday we took the alpacas to a place north of Flagstaff. The donor program is run by Christians. They will work with the alpacas & place them with the appropriate person or family. I am encouraged and impressed by what I saw there. It took 3 trailers to get them there and it was for sure a long trip. But it was accomplished. Very long & tiring 2 days.

I am missing them some & look for them still when I go out. I also find myself grieving again for Dennis. The alpacas were his in the sense of he is who wanted them, picked many of them & helped deliver some of the cria. He is the one that took the classes. I learned all I could on line, but he was more of the hands on.

In many ways I am sorry to see them gone, but in many other ways it is a relief to not have them any more. Very mixed feelings....................

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