Thursday, August 26, 2010


Introducing Rusty. I know, I know, I must be crazy adding another corgi and a male at that. Dennis did not like male dogs at all. But I decided to do it. Do I need to explain why??? Well, let me say that Malen is 11 1/2 now, Jamie just turned 9. They are getting older & will not be around for a whole lot longer. I found this guy via petfinder. He was with a corgi rescue person in Santa Fe. He actually comes from Missouri & is from a puppy mill. Rusty turned 4 in April. He is also heartworm positive and has been being treated for heartworm. I wasn't suppose to get him until the middle of September..........but things panned out differently & Willie & I picked him up last Friday. We are working on house training & he is doing very well. The only issue so far is that he doesn't like being crated at night............but I don't want pee in the house during the night. So we are working on that. He makes a lot of noise at night wanting to get out. Hopefully he will continue to do well so he can join Malen & Jamie at night. He is a tri instead of a sable in coloring. He really is a sweetheart. He & Jamie are having fun together. Petfinder info said he didn't bark................I guess he didn't need to since there were so many corgis at this home. But he found his voice here. Luckily he doesn't bark near as much as Jamie and the pitch of his bark is lower, which is helpful for my ears............Jamie's bark is painful. Malen accepts him well so that is good also!!


Shelley Malone said...

So glad that Rusty is working so well in your household. I am facing the same problem with two older dogs but can only have 2 dogs where I live. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Wanda said...

I sometimes wonder if I should have waited until I lost one of the girls. But we will just continue to see how it goes.