Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, all my alpaca are sheared and we are working on friend's alpacas. It feels so good to have mine done. We have a new shearer who usually shears sheep. He will probably be our shearer from here on out. It is times like these when I miss Dennis even more....................

I've had work done on the barn so it will not get near as much snow in it and also will a little more weather tight............had to make it weather tight when there are at least 1/2 inch cracks between boards..............then again it was built before 1887, so a few cracks here & there are not surprising. I had a porch built off my back door on the North side. I'm not going to break up ice off the north porch in the winter any more with a pick. I was really tired of that last year.

In the meantime I cannot remember if I posted about my loafing shed being pretty much destroyed by the wind. I need to have it torn down & replaced. More to do more to do more to do.....all in time.

Otherwise things are going fairly well.......just busy.

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