Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wind & more wind

Well, we have finally had some beautiful days..........still cool at night. Then along came today. Once again the winds have gotten up around 50 mph. Willie & I were gone this afternoon & when we returned I have quite a few problems to deal with.

The smallest one is, the top off the well house that Dennis made has blown off. It is quite heavy, so it didn't blow far........but it will take both of us to get it back on the well house & tied down.

The next one is the tin roof on the barn. I'm having some people to come work on it sometime within the next week or two. I had planned on them working on it to repair the holes, but now part of it seems to be trying to fly off...........not good. I hope it stays up there until I can have it fixed.

The last & worst problem is about 1/3 of the male alpaca loafing shed has fallen in. Not good. Luckily no alpaca were in that part of the area (praise God), but they are in the area tonight. I know it is really old & now I know how much work it needs............a lot. That was totally unexpected.

I hope the winds die down tomorrow, but I think it is suppose to blow all weekend. The only positive thing is that it is warm. I think we got up to 75 this afternoon!!!

lots of things to do though, the garden, the flowers, the lawn...........the field........on and on.


Syd said...

Oh dear! Thank heavens none of the fur-faces were hurt! Praying things improve very soon!

Wanda said...

I actually decided at 11 pm that night to block the males from that area. They actually have 3 loafing sheds to pick from in the open I got up at 11 & blocked them out of the one area. Much safer that way. I'm certainly hoping the wind dies down soon.