Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Friends

Tonight I received a call from an old friend, Cliff. Cliff & Virgie moved to Santa Fe in about 1974 & lived close to where John & I lived on the north edge of town. They were members of our church & we had a close relationship with them. Virgie died in about 1985 or so. I've kept in touch with Cliff over the years. We had such a good visit tonight. It has been ages since we have talked on the phone. Cliff turned 93 years old in November (we celebrate our birthday's the same month too). He is doing fairly well physically & excellent mentally. He is now living in what sounds like almost assisted living, he calls it a retirement home. He talked about his faith & his new found sanctification that he had never understood before. It was a really good visit. Now I need to keep in touch with him.

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