Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring headed to Summer

Well, perhaps the snake situation is better. I took 4 of them & drove them about 10 miles away about 3 weeks ago. Then Jamie decided that she needed to deal with them the same way she deals with mice. So she actually killed two of them. Now I just need to hope & pray that we never see a rattler as I'm sure she would go after it also.............which would not be good. No more snakes in the house that I have found. I'm extremely happy about that!!

Today I actually got the lawn mower out & mowed the back yard. Due to the snow & how it melts slower in the back yard, the north area gets green & long. So today I mowed. The front yard needs water, so Willie got the hoses out for me & tomorrow I need to get some water going.

We've had some wild wind lately, but at least it has finally warmed up & is running between 65 & 70 during the day. Summer is coming!!

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