Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring in the Valley

Spring has for sure arrived ---------- which means the wind is blowing & blowing. It has been blowing off & on for about a week now. But it has blown without stopping for the last 36 hours. I'm really tired of the wind.

Last week I decided we needed to get the hay in the hay shed. The last of it was covered with an extremely long tarp that had been pulled back & over & around. So Friday I had Willie get out & help me remove the tarp & move hay. Such fun. Between Friday morning & Saturday morning we moved 70 bales of hay. Luckily I used the pickup. Unluckily the battery was dead on the pickup. Luckily I know how to use the battery charger & got it working again. Luckily also the tarp was tied down to the back of the stack of hay pretty well. We left the tarp out Friday afternoon & night. Saturday morning we moved the tarp into the garage. Someday soon, when the wind stops blowing we will get it folded up. That is a challenge in & of itself to start with. Then moving it back in will be the next challenge...........but we did it last year, so it will happen this year.

The paw prints in the snow I do believe belong to a cat. A cat ran out of the hay barn last Friday I think we now have a cat, we just don't see much of it. I'm leaving out a little cat food every day, but not much. I still want the mice caught if at all possible.

One more snake in the house last week. It was trying to climb up the side part of the new blinds that is attached to the frame of the window. I've had some problems with the side part & the white plastic come off the glue that is stuck to the magnetic strip. So this snake is trying to climb up the glued magnetic strip!!! What fun that was pulling the snake off the glue............ at least maybe he has learned something & will not return!!

I'm off to bed, the wind is now blowing at 36 mph from the south west. It is a balmy 48 degrees outside (nice, really nice for 10:30 at night). But be aware that there is still 2 feet of snow on the north side of the's about 2 feet high, by 4 feet wide by the length of the house. I'm hoping it will melt before May!!!

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