Friday, October 17, 2008


Cows, cows, cows are so interesting. The have a mind of their own. Our neighbors have been having some problems with their cows yesterday & today. They attempted to separate Mom's & babies. The cows were not pleased & broke out to get together yesterday. I guess that last night they put mom's & babies back together. But the cows are now having a mental breakdown. During the night they broke out again. About 4:10 this morning the corgis went crazy. I finally checked on what I could see ---- vehicle lights & cows out in the road. It's now almost noon & they are still working on getting their cows back together. I found 4 cows in the area around our barn this morning. Some had broken into our field which has another neighbor's cows in it right now. One broke through Snickerdoodle & Ranger's fenced area. Lots of fences to fix later today. Colorado is a free range state. You have to fence the animals out if you do not want them in your field, etc. Anyway it always provides interest (life that is). I'm sure our neighbors are frustrated right now and still looking for cows.


Pastor Bruce Butler said...

My mother always liked the cows big, soft eyes.

Wanda said...

Oh yes, beautiful eyes in the daylight. Now it night, those eyes are a little hard to see. Two cows got out on the main road east of us & met up with a pickup at 3 am. That was not good (for the cows it was worse than the people in the pickup). This afternoon the neighbors are moving the cows to the other pasture, so will go past our house to the main road & north 1/2 mile. If your mother would ever like to stop by on her way to CA, she could get her fill of cows for a while (she probably sees lots in OK & KS though).