Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday After Surgery

Thus far it has been a long week.

The surgery took about 5 hours unlike the 4 planned. This is due to apparently someone reading the ultrasound poorly. My uterus was too big to do it with the robotics. So he did everything else with the robotics & opened me up to get my uterus out. This was good (I guess) since my scar will be a lot smaller than if he had done the entire the abdominally. But it added another day to being in the hospital. Plus I am allergic to tape ------- or was when I had a c-section years ago. I find I still am & now have blisters forming under the steri strips.

I came to my sister's in Colorado Springs yesterday & sent Dennis home on Tuesday. I'll be back in Monte hopefully Sunday.

Must run, it is time for another walk. I'm feeling overall well & feel that I'm doing well thus far. Still waiting on the final pathology.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are recovering. Continuing to pray for you and family!!! Peace to you! Judy Shoe

kimberly said...

So glad to hear that it went well overall, and sorry to hear about the tape allergy. I hope that your trip home is uneventful and the pathology results reassuring. You are in my thoughts!