Sunday, September 21, 2008

September update

Things have been busy (as usual). Fawndew's cria has refused the bottle, been nursing well, growing & then not growing. This week he decided a bottle sounded good again & we have been supplementing him some. I finally decided we would play it by ear ------ offer a bottle periodically. Today I moved all the girls & babies into the front yard to eat some grass & flowers. I was hoping I wouldn't have to mow before it snows ------ but I suspect I'll have to mow one more time.

Otherwise Dennis is working in the potato field driving a truck for a church friend. Willie has dropped one class but is hopefully (apparently ?) doing well in the one class he has. We have canned peaches & the pears arrived Friday evening. Luckily they are not quite ripe yet. Apples arrive about mid-October. I should explain that we have a number of Amish who have moved into the valley. Most of them live south or south & east of us by around 5 - 10 miles. We have gotten to know a few of them. Every fall they have someone drive them to the Delta, CO area & they buy apples, peaches, & pears. They then resell them to Amish families (or perhaps share them, I'm not sure) and others interested. Dennis is now a contact person who collects orders from our friends & neighbors. We then pick up the fruit for those who ordered it.

Only two weeks now until my surgery. I'm very tired of waiting ------ but at least it is close now. I have labwork to get done this week. We will have to go to Denver early the 5th of Oct. due to the bowel prep that I need to take. The 3rd is Mom's day at her oncologist, the 4th is the Taos Fiber Festival, the 5th we go to Denver and stay with friends & then the 6th my surgery and Dennis' birthday.

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