Thursday, September 25, 2008


Seems like the last couple of weeks have been very busy. We are in the midst of canning pears right now. Canning is Dennis' project as far as I'm concerned BUT 2 years ago I had to do all the apples because he went off elk hunting. Anyway we are about 3/4 of the way through with the pears.............. next will be apples in about 3 weeks. Hopefully I'll have an excuse of recuperating & will not be responsible for a lot!! Today I'm working on "Amber pears" --- a recipe a friend from church gave Dennis (who of course is off driving that potato truck while all the pears are getting RIPE and need to be CANNED). Anyway I'll survive I'm sure. Plus if anyone comes to visit we have a lot of great canned fruit!!


Pastor Bruce Butler said...


Do you ship fruit?

Wanda said...

Do you mean the canned fruit???

I ask because we shipped Dennis' brother some avocados once when we lived in CA & the box was "interesting" when it made it up to Alaska.

Probably not. We could I suppose, but then you'd never come and visit. So I will just have to decline at this point...... you had best plan your next trip to Oklahoma very carefully.

Pastor Bruce Butler said...

Oklahoma by way of Colorado sounds like a plan.