Thursday, September 3, 2009


All Spring & Summer I have been fighting mice in the feed shed. It has been a challenge off & on. I had to buy some new mouse traps this summer, so I checked with the clerk at Big R as far as what she would recommend. So I have two different kinds. I have basically used sweet mix to entice them. BUT decided this summer I needed to expand my food for the traps. They tend to be able to get the sweet mix without setting off the trap.

So I tried cheese & I tried peanut butter. I found that apparently some mice are very lightweight, perhaps they fly. They can get all the peanut butter off without setting off the trap. Now I KNOW the trap works well as we will not mention how many times my thumb has suddenly been snapped when trying to get things set right. They work, I know they work. I've perhaps trapped & killed 10 mice this summer. I had one that got only one foot caught & I let him loose. BUT earlier this week I discovered a trap was missing. I looked & looked. I finally found it off in a had a foot & part of a leg in it, but no mouse. SO IF you see a 3 legged mouse, please keep it.

Now yesterday I have another trap missing. I've looked everywhere in all the where to be found. This is of course after finding all the other traps empty & no food left --- some of them still set & some of the traps have snapped with no results.

I really don't like mice all over the feed shed. They also are eating the hay ------- perhaps those are voles, who knows. I guess may be I need a cat, an outside cat. It would seem to me that the snakes would be eating the mice AND the foxes. Ah well.


Shelley said...

You can always get Claire to send you a kitten.

Guess you don't want to use poison because of the corgis.

Good luck. I think a cat is the best bet.

Wanda said...

Well, a cat is a possibility except then the corgis would chase the cat & I'd have that issue.

Poison is out of the question, Jamie already ate poison next door & had to vomit her guts out to make sure she didn't die.

PLUS the coyotes would potentially kill a cat also. That happens out here in the country.

Sammie said...

Have you tried the sticky traps? They make the extra strong ones that will even hold rats. Everytime we get mice, I use the sticky traps and bait them with candy - things like peanut butter cups and kit kats - any mice we get can't resit candy.

The only bad part about the sticky traps - you still have to kill the mice as they are just stuck, not dead. However, once they step on the trap they just can't get off.

We live in La Jara on the edge of town - some years the mice are bad.

I just found your blog through Ravelry!

Wanda said...

Hi Sammie,
Welcome!! Yes I do need to update this. I tried sticky traps in the last month. I bought some that were quite thick with stick stuff (bought in Center). Then I bought some at Coop that were thinner. The thick one worked well & interestingly enough the mouse was dead. The thin ones have not worked as well. The fight is continuing!!

Yea for Ravelry even though I don't get there enough!! Do you know Emmy Lou? Do you know the knitting group that meets in La Jara? I'm having a felting workshop here today on scarves & one on hats yesterday. I have a group the meets here monthly, knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning..............if you'd ever like to come..............

Sammie said...

Hi Wanda,

It is a good thing that the mouse was already dead on the sticky trap - I have a hard time with killing them.....

Yes, I know Emmy Lou really well, we were the ones that started up the knitting group in La Jara. We miss her a LOT but our group is continuing and even expanding! We had 9 people this past week - which is wonderful. The group will be meeting at my house on Oct. 6th. and we might even have one more by then. Everyone is always welcome.

It is so strange that Emmy and I met on-line through Ravelry when our back yards almost touched each other here in La Jara!

I'd love to come to your monthly group sometime! It is always so fun to meet up with fellow fiber folks.

The whole mice thing in the valley is scary because of Hanta Virus. I'm going to have to put some traps in the garage because I found some mouse poop there when I was moving some boxes. Ick. We even have 3 outdoor cats, they are getting old though.

I'm glad I found your blog!


Wanda said...

We meet the 3rd Saturday of every month here south of Monte. Would love to have you come!! Emmy is such an inspiration with her knitting...........too bad she is no longer in the valley. email me: and I'll add you to my reminder list!! Hopefully by the middle of next week I'll have pictures of felting that we did, it was great fun (although no knitting involved!!

The mouse fight continues and I too am concerned about Hanta Virus.

Sounds like your group is growing well. I have 70 on my email reminder list.........but usually only between 5 - 12 come. But my list contains people as far south as San Luis, north as Villa Grove, east as Trinidad (not that I expect them to come, but they are alpaca friends), & as far west as Creede. So I never know who may show!!

I'm glad you found me too!!

Sammie said...

Hi Wanda,

I just sent you an e-mail to add me to your list!


Wanda said...

I did it -- hope to see you sometime.