Saturday, August 22, 2009


I decided yesterday that Willie & I would take the afternoon off today. I have a friend in Alamosa who has started a knitting shop. She has been in at least two different stores (had a portion of them), but things were a challenge in the other stores. So she found her own area above a major store in Alamosa. Today was her grand opening of her very own store. I just decided I "had" to go & check things out. So we had lunch with a neighbor. Ran to see Mom (who was sleeping, so we saved that for later). Then headed to Alamosa. There were quite a few people checking out Kimberly's new stop. She has a lot of neat yarn & lots of knitting/spinning/crocheting/weaving books. Everything is always so tempting.

Anyway of course I "had" to buy some items. She also had two drawings & for every $5 spent your name was put in the drawing. I will not confess to what all I bought & how many times I was in the drawing. I WON the 4 pm drawing. I was absolutely thrilled. The above item was the "big" item for the win. Luckily Kimberly didn't buy the peacock color ----------- I got this knitting bag in "Hollywood Pink"!!! Plus there was a book, yarn, some brittany birch needles & some notions inside. I can really take my knitting stuff with me in style now.

I had also been having a sad day anyway. These days do not happen often, but do occur when Dennis is sorely missed more than normal. This helped brighten up my day.

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