Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today was a sad day. Today I went to the funeral of Leroy Stutesman. Leroy was 81 years old. He worked for my Dad at his Ford dealership for around 55 of those 81 years. I remember when my Dad died & the bookkeeper totaled up how many years each employee had worked at Center Motor. She had Leroy down for 53 years. But when ask, Leroy said it was more like 55. He said that he worked a year or two & then left town for a short time & then came back. Leroy had a number of different jobs over the years at Center Motor but for the past many, many years he was a car salesman. He was unlike most car salesmen that you see these days. He never pushed, never forced. He was someone who people came back to over & over again to buy new or used cars. You could trust Leroy. He was extremely helpful to me after my father's death. Leroy was special.

The service today was held at the Fire Department.........very unusual & different. But not for Leroy........he was a volunteer fireman for many years. It was very appropriate to have it there. The one word that the pastor used to describe Leroy was that he had a servant's heart. Leroy was special, he will be missed.

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