Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Alpaca Tale

We got Ranger in the fall of 2007. His mom died shortly after he was born (he was a huacaya out of two suri alpacas) and was bottle fed. Anyway Willie & I drove to Ridgeway in our explorer to pick him up and bring him home (stupid idea, the explorer ---- but then again I wasn't going to take the trailer either!!). I bottle fed Ranger until sometime in December when I contacted the person we got him from to say he was NOT wanting to wean himself at all. She said to do it immediately. So I worked on weaning him. Within 2 weeks of weaning him I saw him trying to nurse off of his friend's Mom. Cookie (Snickerdoodle's mom) finally allowed both of the boys to nurse off her!! Then it took us a while to get them weaned as there was so much snow it was hard to get them into a different area. Anyway since weaning them Snickerdoodle & Ranger have been very best of friends. Snickerdoodle goes where ever Ranger goes. They stick together like glue.

Today we sheared them. We sheared Ranger first & then Snickerdoodle. Ranger is still pretty friendly & would walk well on a lead. He was extremely "concerned" by what was happening to his friend. I'll post 3 pictures showing how close he got to the shearing & to Snickerdoodle. This is not typical for the alpaca to do!!

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