Monday, August 1, 2011

Fixing things around the house

Willie has been using my Grandfather & Grandmother's bedroom set. It was probably made in say the 30's or 40's. It is a nice set & he has been using it since we moved here. Well two days ago he broke a slat that goes below the box springs. Finally last night I did some measuring, how long a piece, how thick, how wide...........then out to my barn I go to see if I have a piece anywhere close to what is needed.

I could find no piece of wood 5/8 inches thick. This morning I ask Burlin (who does the watering & all the farming for me) a little about it. He said they probably don't even make wood that thickness any more & to go with 3/4 inches. Sure enough I had quite a few pieces that thick.

So we tore apart his bed. I made him measure what was needed. Then out to the shop we went. He had to measure how long & we used the saw to cut the wood. It was a bit wider than the old pieces, but with his weight gain, wide is good for support.

Now he has 4 nice big slats below his box springs & hopefully the bed will hold up a while longer. Now for other projects that need to be done!!


Shelley said...

Way to go, hearty mountain woman. I'm proud of you.

Chinsinsi & Euster said...

Hey mom, I hope all is well for you and Willie. I joined this today and thought of dropping this message. You are in our prayers.
Chinsinsi & Euster

Wanda said...

Hi Son.....yes, things are overall going well. Lots to do. I have a friend who is coming over on weekends and helping when he can. He needs a little extra money right now. So he helps Willie with the bigger farm items. Good to hear from you.